Henrik Stenberg

Interaction designer, prototyper, mastermind


From designer, to coder, to UX. Started out with print graphics, turned to study interactiondesign. Ended up with several years of front-end development only turn around and go back to interactiondesign. I have a strong love for interfaces, customers journeys and great graphics. I have experience in both UX and front-end development. Often acting as a hybrid of the both.


The Selection. A comprehensive collection of work. Clients, illustrations, prototypes and concepts.


Hybrid role of front-end developer and UX designer.

Sketch, React, Redux, Sass

Status: Online in most markets

IKEA Configurable room

Volvo Cars: Volvo Car configurator

Interface Developer

Javascript, Sass, Photoshop, illustrator

Status: Offline

Surf App Concept

Concept work for a social surf app.

Adobe XD.

Sveriges Museer Redesign concept

A redesign of Sveriges museer homepage.

Adobe XD.

Random illustrations

Varius illustrations ideas and pratice.

Illustrator, Photoshop.